I know what it’s like to love the work you do but at the same time, feel like something is missing.

We choose a profession that allows us to help others, but forget about our own wellness needs in the process.

Not charging what we are worth for our services, forgoing our own practices to take on more clients and feeling overwhelmed are all symptoms of a career that’s fallen out of alignment with our own health and wellness needs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Welcome Friends!

I’m here to help you become bold with the ways that you share your professional gifts and create a career that supports who you are; mind, body, and spirit!

As an Entrepreneurial Wellness Coach with a background in teaching movement and mindfulness, I’ve helped hundreds of fitness professionals and wellness entrepreneurs clarify their mission and refine their professional practices to grow successful businesses that serve their clients without sacrificing their souls.



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Amy Rost

Jenna is articulate, engaging and truly innovative – she brings out the best in me. My success is also her success as she is deeply invested in everything we do.

Andrea Milne

The investment I have made in the programs and coaching Jenna offers has provided dividends beyond my expectations.

Carol Crincoli

The work that I do with Jenna makes me tackle the hard questions, allows me to grow and to be the best I can be. Her coaching has been life changing and the best business decision I ever made for myself.

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A Moving Experience |New York City

October 23, 2019



Classes And Workshops | Share Pilates | Twickenham, UK

Nov 24 & 25




Teach From The Heart LIVE

Chappell Allerton Pilates | Leeds, UK

Nov 30 – Dec 1



Old School | Red Thread Ranch

Feb 27 – March 1


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